Lemon & Pink Grapefruit Marmalade Day #3

Today I completed my batch of marmalade. Here are some photos of the Day 3 activities and of course the finished product. The recipe can be found in Rachel Saunder’s “The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook”.




Homemade jams of 2011


These are the jams I made this year. Throughout the year I made jams from fruits in season starting with strawberry, rhubarb, peach, blueberry, raspberry, tomato and apple butter. I am bringing 2011 to a close with my lemon and pink grapefruit marmalade. I will keep you posted when I finish this project on Friday.

Pickled Pickles!!

In the late summer, my daughters and I pickled baby cucumbers to add to the “Cantina”. ¬†The “Cantina” is my dry storage room, which features: a year supply of tomato sauce, pepper jelly, pickled eggplant, a variety of jams, roasted tomatoes and now pickles!

Merry Christmas Mom!

This is a blog my sisters and I created for my mom for christmas this year. It’s long overdue – she’s an expert baker and chef and has so many tricks that should be shared to make the lives of other great homemakers easier. She has a wonderful eye for DIY crafts and ¬†projects and is constantly making our home more beautiful with her creations. This blog is here to cherish her ideas, recipes, decorating tips and will hopefully inspire others. Merry Christmas Mom, we love you!