Recycle Reuse

Easter is coming up this weekend and I decided to make a new arrangement. I had the remnants from the hostess gift I received a few weeks back which was posted on the blog.

I purchased tulips and hyacinths and here is the result.

Bring out your inner florist this weekend and do your own arrangement!







A New Mac and Cheese

I decided to make my usual grown-up mac and cheese, but I had a lot of chevre in the fridge and I decided to substitute it for the other cheeses I use from time to time.

The nice part is that you don’t have to grate the cheese – just roughly chop about six ounces of good quality goat cheese. I decided to use some sliced grape tomatoes and Panko rice crumbs to give it a bit of color and cut the richness of the chevre.

I guess this is really grown-up mac and cheese!







Waiting for Spring

I am anxiously awaiting spring and today is cold and gray so I decided to buy a hydrangea to make spring appear inside. These are my favorite plants for Easter which is just around the corner. They come in white, blue, purple and pink. Today I was in the mood for pink.

If you follow the blog, you know this girl can never have too many fresh flowers in her house.


Melon Baller

This is one of the best tools for the kitchen that I own. I have had it for about twenty years. I use it for coring apples and for seeding tomatoes. As you can see, it makes quick work out of seeding tomatoes.

It is also referred to as Parisienne and can be used if you want perfectly round pieces of potato. It takes up no room in the drawer and is relatively inexpensive.

Pick one up next time you are in a high-end kitchen store. You won’t regret it.



Heirloom Roasted Vegetables.

This afternoon I was at the market and they had organic heirloom vegetables for sale. I had just purchased myself a filet mignon for dinner and thought they would be perfect.

I just washed the potato and beets and peeled the carrots. I cut the vegetables so they would be a similar size and roast consistently. I then placed some olive oil in the bottom on a gratin dish, rubbed the vegetables in the oil, added salt and pepper and then drizzled a bit more olive oil on top.

I roasted them for about thirty-five minutes at 400 degrees moving them around every ten minutes or so.





Hostess Gift

On Sunday I had two friends for lunch. They brought me this gorgeous flower arrangement. You can never go wrong with flowers as a hostess gift especially when the hostess is me.

As we eagerly await spring we can hurry things along indoors with gorgeous flowers in as many rooms as possible.


Kitchen Bunny

I bought this bunny when I was in Miami a few weeks ago. I thought it would look great on my Easter table filled with chocolate Easter eggs.

I have been displaying it on my kitchen counter. When I was making the scones on Thursday I had put out the eggs I needed for the recipe. For those of you (myself included) who have put eggs on the counter only to have one roll off onto the floor, I have a solution. I placed the eggs in the bunny’s “tummy” and they stayed put until I was ready to use them.

I love things that have dual purposes. Now my bunny can be a permanent fixture on the counter.