Facelift for Terra Cotta Pots

Roger, my friend and dog walker found these four terra cotta planters outside on the curb and he brought them to me.

I don’t really have anything that goes well with terra cotta on my front porch or back patio so I decided to paint them. I had lots of Annie Sloan Duck Egg chalk paint leftover from my vanity project.

I hosed the pots down in the backyard and let them air dry for about thirty minutes. It only took one coat of paint. As you can see from the photos, I inverted them to paint them. When they were dry I turned them over and painted the rim with the off-white paint also from Annie Sloan.

I love the result. They look gorgeous enough to use indoors.





New Secretary

During my many trips to the Annie Sloan chalk paint store last week I spotted this secretary. I have always wanted one. The owner of the store had “restored” it. After vacillating over the weekend and sending a photo of the piece to my decorator, I brought it home.

I am not wild about the interior color but I am sure I can find something in a color more suitable to my taste. I am leaning towards something in a blue or green, but will live it with for the time being.

I love having a place for everything and not having to rummage through my junk drawer when I need a stamp or a pen.



More Annie Sloan

I bought my vanity a few years ago from Wayfair. It came in the generic white and I thought it went well enough with my bed and nightstands so I left it.

That was before I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Now it is a gorgeous color called Duck Egg.

I also went to Anthropologie and bought new drawer pulls. I chose clear glass which I think gives it that French Country look I was going for.

I am always surprised and delighted by the difference a new paint job and new hardware can make on a simple piece of furniture.




Garlic Confit Oil

I received some gorgeous new potatoes and broccoli in this week’s farm box. I don’t particularly love boiled vegetables so I decided to roast them. I pulled out my garlic confit and brushed the vegetables with the olive oil from the garlic confit. I also ground some pepper and sprinkled some fleur de sel on them before roasting them in a preheated 400 degree oven.

After fifteen minutes, the potatoes were tender and the broccoli was nicely browned. I grilled myself a steak, covered it with a slice of compound butter and dinner was served. It took only about twenty minutes in total.



Marscarpone Brownies

I had some leftover Marscarpone cheese in the fridge and decided to make some brownies. I use to make these when my daughters were younger and I thought given the price of Marscarpone cheese these days, I needed to use it up.

This recipe takes a little bit more time than regular brownie recipes, but it is definitely worth the extra effort.







Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

My decorator, Johanne told me about this paint last week. I decided to paint my Boos Butcher Block and then one thing lead to another.

I ended up painting the butcher block, baker’s rack and kitchen table in the color called Coco. Of course as soon as I finished the table, the chairs looked tired so I was back to the store for more paint. I used French Linen for the chairs.

I must warn you this is addictive.

The paint is a joy to work with.

I may end up back at the paint store next week to tackle my bedroom vanity. They have a gorgeous blue color I have my eye on.










Facelift for Wicker

I was about to sell this wicker desk and chair when my decorator suggested that I give it a fresh coat of paint and recover the seat cushion with the same fabric we used on the drapes in the guest room (where the desk resides these days). We had more than enough fabric for this project. She also suggested a trip to Anthropologie for some new knobs for the drawers since the original ones had seen better days. One of the knobs I think I had been renovated by my chocolate lab, Rufus a few years back.

I bought brilliant white spray paint for this job and washed and dried the wicker before painting. All that was required for the seat cushion makeover was my staple gun and some pliers to remove the old fabric and staples and of course the fabric. I used the old piece of fabric as a template for the new fabric so I had the right size for the cushion.

This only took me a few hours and look at the “before and after” photos.