I have made baguettes in the past with satisfactory results, but nothing like I can buy from my French bakery.

I was watching Cooks Country a few weeks ago and they have inspired me to try again.  Allow yourself at least 24 hours after kneading the bread so it to rest in the fridge before proceeding.

I had an issue transferring the baguettes from my “too small” pizza peel so unfortunately they lost some of their shape in the process of getting them on to the baking stone.

I purchased the Couche and Diastatic Malt Powder from King Arthur.

Here is the recipe.




Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna

Fall always inspires me to use mushrooms.  This is a vegetarian lasagna which is a perfect fall dish.

It takes a bit of time so allow yourself about an hour for the prep time.  It also needs an hour plus fifteen minutes baking time.  The recipe suggests that you allow twenty minutes cooling time after baking.

The bechamel with the addition of fresh basil and parmesan cheese tasted amazing.  It would be a great vegetarian sauce to serve on pasta for a quick week night dinner.