Chilled Cucumber Soup from Simply Good

Last week I was in Michigan taking a course at Simply Good.  I saw this soup in their refrigerator section and decided to make it when I got home.

I substitued Italian parsley for Cilantro because it is one of herbs people either love or hate.  I also have tons growing in my herb pots.

The Vitamix was perfect for this job and it took no time at all.  Just allows lots of chillng time.

Here is the recipe below.


Pillivuyt Porcelain

I bought this “dish” at Williams-Sonoma about seven years ago. There is something so wonderful about washing fresh cherries in the the perforated dish and then displaying them on the counter. The plate that sits underneath the bowl catches any droplets of water remaining.

I think it screams “Summer is Here”


Too Pretty to Hide

I just got this broom from The Laundress. It is so light and easy to use. The bristles are so soft and gentle that you could use it on almost any surface.

The wood is gorgeous so I decided to have it in my kitchen so it is always available when I feel the need to sweep. With two chocolate labs ruling the roost here, there is always something to sweep!


Laundry Room Table

For years I have been searching for the perfect table for my laundry room. I wanted something large enough to fold sheets and towels.

I found this table from Costco. I am sure it is intended for for use as a work table or kitchen prep table but it is perfect for the laundry room. I can move it around because it has wheels.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box (or in this case) outside the table.



Knife Drawer

I have a large assortment of knives and I like to store them in these wooden dividers I purchased from Williams Sonoma. They keep the knives from being damaged and also I avoid an unfortunate slice of a finger by reaching in a kitchen drawer and coming into contact with a stray knife.

I label the dividers so that the knives are always in the right section when I am searching for one. My friend, Alex made the labels from my P touch label maker. I think he did a great job.



Apothecary Jars

If you follow this blog, you know I love apothecary jars. I got inspired to put my cascade tablets in one under the sink. It makes for easy access and looks a lot better than the plastic container they come in.

Target is a great source for these jars.





I am baking a birthday cake this afternoon and the recipe including the frosting is on three different pages in the book.

A few years ago my daughters gave me this mini post-its. They are perfect for a recipe like this since I don’t waste a lot time flipping through the book trying to find each recipe as I need it. They came from Anthropologie.




Measuring Spoons

If you see measuring spoons on sale at the kitchen store (one of my happy places), pick up an extra set. I store them in my containers. It saves so much time when I am baking and I need a tsp. of baking powder, baking soda or salt. In some containers I place a half teaspoon and in others I place a 1 teaspoon measuring spoon.


Sofa Sheet

I have two big chocolate labs, Rufus and Charlie. They love to lie on the sofa when the weather is cold and the slate floor just isn’t comfortable for them.

To avoid having the sofa cleaned every week or replacing it, I came up with the idea of putting an old fitted sheet on the sofa. I tried a regular old sheet, but it never stayed put. Keep in mind these guys don’t gingerly get on and off the sofa. It is more of a “launch”. The fitted sheet stays put and at the end of the day I just throw it in the washer. It has been a “sofa safer” with this awful rain/wet snow that just won’t let up.

I also use it when the rain in the spring comes and these guys have mud on their paws and bellies.
No matter how well I wipe them down some dirt still stays on their fur and ends up on the sofa.

If I have guests or the weather is not a factor, I just store it away.

It may not be pretty, but it is a sofa saver.